Church of God in Cardiff

The Church of God in Cardiff has been located in the centre of Cardiff for over 100 years.  The Church of God in Cardiff is part of a global group of churches with common practices and beliefs.  The Church building in Cardiff has changed significantly over this 100 year but the word of God and the way the principles the Church stands for remain the same.

We are located in the Pontcanna region of Cardiff near the city centre andhall 1800s easily accessible from all major routes.  The current Church building was formed in the late 1800’s on the site of an old brewery, with much of the original fabric being used to build the current exterior walls.  In the early 1900’s the Church grew rapidly during the time of revival in South Wales to and is still going strong today but with around 40 current members.

old hallThe hall that was built in the late 1800’s has remained essentially the same over the last 100 years but gradually fell into disrepair over that period.  The building might have failed but the services of the Church still continued over that period with weekly remembrance services and a thriving youth work in the Cardiff region.

In 2009 the Church members considered whether to relocate to a new modern Church building or to pursue a renovation activity of the old Church building.  The financial situation did not look good and any options appeared limited.  After much prayer and consideration it was decided to move forward with renovation of the existing building.  A plot of land to the rear of the Church became available offering oppotunities for extension and the finances began to be collected from much generous giving of the Church members.  Over a period of 3 years of planning and development the Church has been fully renovated and extended and now offers a much enhanced facility for the services of the Church in Cardiff.   IMG_6380

The new facilities have provided opportunities for many new activities to be run in the Church building.  Please take a look at each of the ministries sections where you will see items such as “Computer Workshop”, “Quiz & Curry”, “Elevenses”, “Toddlers” and “Solid Rock Youth Club”.  There is something for all ages, all backgrounds and all levels of Christian experience.  We hope you find something that suits your needs and if not please get in touch and let us know!